Friday, January 4, 2008

when life gives you berries on sale

of all places, sunmart had great- looking baskets of berries on sale 2/$5 last week.

i always want to buy berries-- but then wonder what to do with them. baking with them seems a waste; so does chopping them up for a dessert. might as well use less expensive frozen berries for that.
here's what i will remember for next time:
the color, texture, and size of blackberries make a nice addition to a cheese plate.
whole grains for breakfast, better fresh from the rice cooker, are better yet with brown sugar and blueberries.


Beerorkid said...

We used some fresh blueberries in some muffins this weekend. Meh.....

lynda lnkitchen said...

yeah, when you buy fresh berries, you're paying for texture and appearance as much as flavor, so baking with them seems like a waste... unless you just have so much on hand that you're trying to find anything to use them in