Wednesday, January 30, 2008

broccoli 99c a bunch at ideal this week

and i'm glad i bought it. with what was in my freezer and on my shelf, i made a

dinner i could feed to vegans that same night.

i browned an onion in a tsp each olive oil and san-j thai peanut sauce. then i added one cubed brick of tempeh (more about tempeh above). when it took on a darker color, i added about a cup of ginger zinger juice (on sale at open harvest a while back) and brought to a boil. then added one chopped bunch of broccoli, returned to a simmer and left covered for five minutes. then added two cups cooked brown rice and a few healthy dashes of peanut sauce. Stirred to combine and left partially covered on the stove till ready to serve.

one thing to remember about broccoli. if you're going to serve it in a tossed dish or salad, make sure all the florets are small enough to be bite-sized.

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