Tuesday, January 8, 2008

why would i mess with pastry-making when i can go to le quartier

look at this lovely pastry from the family- owned french bakery in meridian park. it was made with cranberries and dark chocolate chips, people! i served this with coffee for new year's brunch, a simple start to a day with a big dinner coming up.
something to remember for sundays, when it might be tempting to fit two big homemade meals into one day: unless you're trying to fatten everyone up for a potential donner party situation, keep the big meals to one a day. if you still want to enjoy some kitchen fun, prep for other lunches and dinners, or do some menu planning.

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marthadumptruck said...

I had the chocolate-cranberry brioche from Le Quartier. It was delicious.

I recently moved to the Lincoln area and found my way to your blog via Google. Thanks for tipping me off about Leon's & Le Quartier!