Monday, January 7, 2008

my dream smashed potato recipe comes true now and then

i was at red clover for something else (and while hungry), and fell prey to their produce section. that can cost you, but their selection is maintained well enough to merit a review on every visit. a bag of organic red fingerling potatoes, and a lovely dark green bunch of lacinato kale (aka dino kale), incurred this and several other servings.

first i chopped up four pieces of bacon and began browning the results in a saucepan (which had a heavy lid for later). when the bacon started sputtering, i added one chopped onion and continued over low heat until the onion was translucent. then i added a can of chicken stock and turned up the heat. once the pot began to simmer, i added the fingerling potatoes-- mostly whole, though i halved the larger ones, and all were unpeeled. once the mixture returned to a simmer, i covered and lowered the heat, letting the spuds cook more from steam than boil. i stirred the pot every few minutes until the potatoes were smashable with a fork. after roughing up the potatoes, i added the chopped lacinato kale, and left to simmer uncovered for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally. then i moved the pan to a cool burner, still left uncovered, to thicken.
truly dreamy, and practically an entree, especially when made with good potatoes.

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