Monday, January 14, 2008

easy bacon-wrapped scallops, grilled

i hadn't tried the scallops from midwest seafood before. when i go in there,

the steaks and fillets always catch my eye first; but i was guessing the scallops would be good.

i searched for "bacon-wrapped scallops" on google to get some ideas, and most recommended cooking the bacon for a few minutes before wrapping the mollusk, because the scallop cooks so much more rapidly-- and will be rubbery by the time the bacon is done. i decided to just go with a box of pre-cooked bacon that i'd bought on sale recently. eating pre-cooked bacon at breakfast doesn't seem like really eating bacon, but wrapped around seafood or melon, the uniformity and lack of crispness becomes practical...and still tastes great.

on cooking light's website, of all places, i found a recipe for a marinade of bourbon and maple syrup. i did use the green onion they suggested, but i substituted key lime juice for tamari, since after removing the bare scallops from the marinade, i was going to heat the liquid with some more olive oil, and then toss it with cooked pasta.
the noodles are from a small company, on sale at leon's this week. as with most flavored pastas, there's not much red pepper flavor to the noodle, but they are a nice warm color on the plate with seafood.

also, as a point of interest: i went to the liquor store next to midwest seafood to buy the bourbon, and they have a very large, seemingly happy macaw in a large, clean enclosure.

the scallops were fantastic, by the way. grilled medium rare, served with noodles and salad.

learn more about scallops and macaws:

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