Tuesday, January 15, 2008

vegan stuffing and mushrooms to go, y'all!

so i stemmed a pint and a half of baby bella mushrooms (didn't these used to be called crimini mushrooms? either way, on sale for a buck fifty a pint

at leon's) and placed the caps in a foil pie pan, shown here. the stems, along with the smaller or less than perfect mushrooms, got chopped up and tossed into a portable container with: one diced bell pepper, a cup of bread crumbs, one package of vegan jerky (also diced), a healthy sprinkling of vegan parmesan cheese, and half a small box of imagine's creamy portobello soup.
by the time i achieved my destination, this mixture had melded together more than shown here--the bread crumbs broke down nicely.

i stuffed the mushroom caps and sprinkled the top of the pan with more of the vegan parmesan, and baked at 400 until it smelled done, less than half an hour. Stuffed mushrooms are really best right out of the oven, so plan and serve accordingly.

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