Tuesday, January 8, 2008

christmas clearance at cvs

the 'xmas merch' is 90% off at cvs. that means these spiky sponges are 29 cents. available in your choice of green and white or red and white. they had dozens left at the location i visited today.
they're marketed for personal use, but they're practical in the kitchen at twice the price. they come on a wristlet that can hang over the faucet, they dry completely between uses-- and combined with that yellow scouring pad thrown in the foreground for the purposes of illustrating this text, you've got what you need to clean dishes and pans, and stay on this side of sanitary.
i bought three. for a dollar.

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Beerorkid said...

My dog loves those scrubbies, which makes me go through them often. I should stock up.

I do 90% of the dishes and like scrubby sponges and the plastic scrubbies. My wife does the dish rag thing. I used to have to rewash stuff till I showed her that scrubbies are not as scary as she thinks.