Saturday, January 12, 2008

a broccoli and cauliflower sort of stuffing

when you can find the bags of already cut, already washed, already combined broccoli and cauliflower on sale (and these can show up for as little as a buck fifty a bag), pick them up-- if they look good through the plastic. you can't re-create the contents of the bag for the same amount of money when it's at a good price.

this is a sort of stuffing i made from such a bag...
i put a cup of stock and a tsp of chili pepper flakes in a coverable pot and brought to a boil, then added the broccoli and cauliflower florets and brought to a simmer. after a few minutes, i added two cups of bread crumbs, one cup of leftover brown rice, and a half cup of dried potato flakes, and stirred again. i stirred over low heat until the bread crumbs, potato and cauliflower combined; so that it was basically broccoli on a cloud.

served with pork chops and braised leeks.

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