Sunday, December 30, 2007

super target. clearance. look for it. everywhere in there. seriously.

i ran the endcaps at super target (40th and whatever, south of pine lake), looking for any clearance items... found a pair of 1000-count pillowcases for ten down from forty... but a lot of the clearance deals are in the regular racks. represented here, a chefmate 7" santoku knife on clearance for just four bucks and change.
and! and. this is just fun. two jars of caviar, which might be more accurately represented by me as roe, or in other words, fish eggs. these would be fine til june 2008, but i think they will be used much sooner. these fish eggs were still in refrigeration, of course... look around in the cold section for deals, you know from their dry goods they don't like to carry a lot of dead weight.
the best knife? the best roe? no, no, no.
all three for twelve dollars? i would not pass that up.

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