Tuesday, December 4, 2007

shopping wisely at ideal and leon's

both ideal and leon's are small, locally- owned grocery stores-- with great selections of food, and reputations for being spendy. if you go about it correctly, though, you can get a lot from your dollar at each one. i am a big fan of both stores.
ideal's sale cycle runs monday thru saturday (they're closed sundays). the ad is in the 'neighborhood extra' in the sunday journal-star.
the ad for leon's is in the tuesday journal-star. their sale cycle is tuesday thru monday.
they both have good sales. if you stick to what's in the ads, and don't buy stuff on a whim-- just file the info about what enticing, expensive glories they have available away for future use-- you can walk away with bargains.
this week at ideal: ghirardelli baking chips 2.89/pkg. lindt chocolate bars 2/$3. bartlett pears 59/#. mascarpone cheese 2.69/8 oz. tub. vitamin water 99/ea.
this week at leon's: lemons 2/$1. tiramisu mascarpone cheese 2.99. and nabisco famous chocolate wafers! okay, these are 4.49 a package, but if you google recipes using these cookies, most of the returns will be about how they're impossible to find. i haven't seen them in over ten years. among other things, these make the best chocolate crumb crust ever.

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