Saturday, December 29, 2007

herbs for meat are the herbs for me

so, we all like to buy and use the fresh herbs, but i have a hard time with the cost to benefit ratio. unless i'm making something for a party, i usually don't need a whole container of one herb, and then i've got some wilting leaves in the fridge, waiting for me to use them in a way they deserve.

in comes the 'herbs for meat' mix that you'll find in the packaged herbs in the produce section, and i'm sold on it for the future. it's a blend of basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme. (if you're a vegan, think of it as the simon and garfunkel mix instead of the meat mix! apologies to all for that.)
the blend is perfect if you're roasting a bird... or perfect if you want a bit of one herb for one recipe, and then also have a recipe that needs a couple others... the one that's most challenging to find use for within a recipe, in my opinion, is the rosemary-- and guess what, it lasts the longest, so you've got some time to figure it into a plan. try it with poultry or potatoes.
standard price around town for a 4 oz pkg is between 2.50 and $3.

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