Sunday, December 30, 2007

leftover takeout taken over, not left out

i finally made it to the new location of the oven at 70th & pioneers, to have a dinner

with some friends. i had the chicken jalfrazie, leftovers pictured above. as you can see from the amount left in the styrofoam: not still an entree, yet not a side dish. so what to do with it... make it into soup! that's the smaller photo below left.

in a small soup pan, i heated up one can of coconut milk, one can of chicken broth, and a couple of dried chiles and let that simmer for half an hour to bring the spice out. then i added the leftover chicken and let stew over low heat till it smelled too good to wait any longer, about twenty minutes.
this is a pretty good formula to make most indian leftovers (especially those made with white chicken, which can dry out, the next day if not sooner) from one into soup for two. leave out any leftover rice and heat separately, and then add to soup before serving, as desired.

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Gene said...

For whatever reason, I NEVER think of doing this. Thanks very much, Lynda!