Sunday, December 16, 2007

christmas brie, oh christmas brie

i've seen the bread at le quartier meant to be used as a bread bowl for soup, and thought it might work for brie. it does nicely.
preheat oven to 350. use a knife to cut a triangle into the bread, and make the hole in the bread deeper than the thickness of the cheese, and insert the cheese. bake for thirty minutes. serve with sliced bread or fruit to dip into the brie.
i used tubes of sundried tomato and pesto to decorate it to look like a christmas tree. if you try this, add the decorations after baking for prettier results.


Beerorkid said...

that is pretty funny.

I use the dehydrated sun dried tomatoes in sauces, but it seems the flavor does not leech out all that well. I would think the tubed stuff might do better. Any ideas on that?

lynda lnkitchen said...

i am strangely adamantly against sun-dried tomatoes, except in the dead of winter. in these modern times, you can get fresh decent tomatoes even in december...for a price.
i don't think the richness and complexity of the flavor blends well with other flavors, but i thought pesto, brie, and sourdough could hold their own. i don't think it should be mixed with any fresh vegetables. i don't think that is good for anyone's palate or digestion.
it is extremely easy to use in a tube! you could personalize a pizza, or whatnot.