Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a potluck appetizer combined with non-storebought gift for hostess

when i first held the little cookie cutters in my hand, i wasn't sure what i would do with them. i have little patience for any baking, save the simplest.

and yet, i knew they'd be perfect someday.

and that day was christmas eve and christmas day, so there you go, christmas miracle again.

the cocktail loaves of bread are still 2 for $3 at hy-vee. you get about 48 slices (24 sandwiches) in each loaf.
i used the tiny cookie cutters to pierce a shape from the top layer of bread on each sandwich. i alternated the layering of filling to have more colors on the plate.
the vegans got vegan cream cheese, sliced english cucumbers, and slices of red bell pepper sauteed (and softened) in toasted sesame oil, on pumpernickel. the omnivores got sliced summer sausage and cheese on sourdough.

i baked the bread shapes left inside the cookie cutters, scattered onto a cookie sheet, at 300 for at least fifteen minutes. one batch got sprinkled with parmesan cheese and pepper, one stayed plain. if they're done before you are, just turn off the oven and let them sit in there. the low heat won't hurt them. put in a clear glass jar for best presentation.

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Susan said...

Great idea! Now I know what to fix for the next football party.