Friday, December 21, 2007

mint, mango and jalapeno glaze

sorry i left that lamb chop post without any hints or ideas...
my main lamb experience is with gyros, but lamb chops at hy-vee last week for 3.99# (down from 9.99#) invited me to experiment. mint on sale at super saver, and two for a dollar mangos at sunmart, both hurried this concoction into existence.
i chopped one mango's flesh and stirred that into one chopped jalapeno, which is the picture here. then took a supermarket bunch of mint-- stripped the leaves off half that bunch, and threw the leaves into the blended mix, and stirred up the green and gold. used enough of this to glaze the lamb chops (enough to coat each side once before going on the grill), and then threw the rest into a pan on the stove-- with an already-browning onion and red bell pepper, both diced. tossed some leftover steamed rice into the pan and then covered, let stew for a few until due, and served on a plate with the chops, which were better than i ever expected.

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