Sunday, December 30, 2007

for the love of fresh fish, a new dish was made

i had planned on making a variation of a poke salad, using ahi tuna from

midwest seafood. but i got there a little late on saturday, and they were out! that's the risk of going to a place with the freshest fish in town... and not getting there until late afternoon. lesson learned.
i got a half-pound fillet of salmon, though, and adjusted the recipe from there to make an appetizer that same night.

i cubed the salmon, and tossed the raw fish with three sliced stalks of green onion, chunks of one cucumber and one avocado, a chopped one-handful of cherry tomatoes, and a tbsp of sesame seeds. for the dressing, i mixed the juice of one grapefruit with about as much toasted sesame oil and a few dashes of fish sauce, and then tossed this mixture with the previous sentence.
i trust the fish from midwest seafood, so i covered this bowl and let it sit at room temperature for half an hour and then served. it was delicious. the color of salmon works with the smell of grapefruit in a way i can't explain. next time i would leave the avocado out till just before serving, because it lost its texture into the dressing more than i would have liked. two lessons learned. i will make this again for sure.

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Harp said...

Good to see people lovin fresh fish in Lincoln NE. Nothing but the best from midwest seafood