Monday, October 1, 2007

still stalking broccoli

i have two regular ways of preparing broccoli, and they're the same process but with one of these two combinations of ingredients: shallots and almonds, or onion and peanuts (this one gets some tamari). no shallots/lb at hy-vee (comment redacted), so i went the onions and peanuts route this time.
soften up the onions, til they're buttery, in peanut and toasted sesame oil (use olive oil for shallots/almonds), and you can keep this going till you're five minutes away from everything else hitting the table as long as you keep an eye on it. add a handful of chopped nuts, stir while everything gets acquainted. then add enough liquid of your choice and adjust heat higher to start steaming the broccoli you add next. adjust heat lower (to simmer/steam) and cover till broccoli's almost done, then move to a cooler place on the stove top...the pan and the oil within will stay warm enough to keep contents cooking even after you turn off the heat, so keep that in mind.

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