Thursday, October 18, 2007

the meat for the week shall inherit the earth

and it's all centered at 70th & pioneers. i know it's out there. take your dog to the dog park, take a walk around holmes lake, get an oso burrito, have some stellar wheatgrass juice at nu java, browse the shoes and purses at footloose, have lunch at the new location for the oven, work in a meal or drink at venue if you have the bread.
anyway. the honey baked ham place is selling huge ham bones for 2.99 ea as a special. it's not per pound, it's per frozen bag o' goodness. i bought one, and there's a lot of meat still on the bone in question, but more importantly there is that huge bone that will flavor up some soup this weekend and make the dog very happy afterwards. see photo.
that was only the beginning. cetak's had the pineapple bratwurst marked down, and the top sirloin was 4.99/lb. then across the street at hy-vee, there was the start of a three-day sale of shrimp for 3.99/lb and sliced smoked turkey for 2.99/lb. they also had a lot of manager's specials in the meat dept of which i would have taken advantage if i hadn't already garnered such stated succulence. someone go buy that veal before i do. please.
the hambone and dogs went into the freezer. the sirloin and shrimp get cooked up tonight and the turkey is for sandwiches--lunch for the week.

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texbob said...

If I send you some money, will you shop for me? I could do veal marsala on the weekend.