Sunday, October 28, 2007

one season blends into another

the late frost led to strange kitchen-fellows today. first, the last culling of a friend's organic tomatoes and bell peppers...and then, an almost-ripe, in-season, reasonably-priced (68 cents!) persimmon from super saver.
i chopped all these up, together with an onion and a jalapeno, which is what you see here. i sauteed this mixture, long and low, in olive and peanut oil. in another pan i prepared quinoa, figuring the nuttiness of the grain would balance out any unwanted tartness in the fruit and vegetable mix. the slow, caramelizing heating of the fresh ingredients took care of that for me even before tossing the two panfuls together--for a rich, comforting plate of food. pictures of that to follow.

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