Friday, October 5, 2007

hard squash

it's ninety degrees today, but the fall squash is back into the stores. it will always be on sale somewhere for 49/lb--check the links on the top right for sale prices--so don't pay more than that unless it's organic or some crazy heirloom variety you just can't resist.
baking squash is ridiculously easy. get the oven to 375. put the squash in an ovensafe pan, and pierce with a knife. (don't bother trying to slice it half at this point--it will be much easier later.) as soon as liquid or steam starts escaping from the piercings, it's done. should be about an hour. then remove from the oven, slice in half. scoop out seeds--i find a serrated grapefruit spoon works well. then you can either scoop out the meat and mash up with the dressing, or serve the halves intact with dressing poured in. my standard dressing is orange juice, maple syrup, butter (you can substitute some olive oil), and freshly ground whatever ratio works for you.

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