Tuesday, October 30, 2007

effective storage and use of twist-ties

with more and more stores in lincoln offering selections of bulk dried goods, here's how to make twist-ties work for you.
first, storage. i was visiting a friend when i noticed a jar of twist-ties in her kitchen... it was an emptied jar of marmite, with a well-designed label that she liked, and so she put it to practical use while enjoying it on her counter. using an old jelly jar that appeals to you works just the same. it's much handier than fishing around for them in a drawer.
when you buy something in bulk, you need to label your purchase clearly with the plu for the cashier's sake...but go ahead and also list, for your own benefit (whether on the twist-tie or a label on the bag itself), the date of purchase and the price, and yes, what it is. of course you'll be able to identify your purchase later, but better safe than a show-off.

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