Monday, October 1, 2007

latest kitchen improvement, four bucks

i have no counterspace in my apartment kitchen. i've kept an eye out for the perfect piece for one wall. if i lived elsewhere i would have just gone to ikea...but i ended up with something much better, still with the ideal proportions. while garage saling, i saw this sewing machine cabinet--which has all the solidity you'd expect from this era, thankfully without the weight of the machine. this particular piece is flat on top instead of ornately ridged, which makes it more practical for my use. the top folds open to twice its width on very sturdy hinges; and the waterbowl for the pets still tucks underneath, so they're already used to it.
oh yeah... i saw the price tag of five dollars and was frowning at it--thinking there must be some mistake--when one of the women having the sale approached and said, "you know, i think she would take four."

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