Tuesday, October 2, 2007

skin and bones

i didn't think i'd cook with so much chicken when i had a halfway (quarterway?) decent kitchen again, but then it keeps coming up at 99/lb somewhere. the bacon wrapped chicken of a previous post was boneless and skinless (and 99 instead of 3.99/lb), hence, the added fat of bacon. this last sale at hy-vee was for breasts with ribs still attached; and sure, that means bones, but it also means skin. then the marinade can be more about flavor than just keeping it from drying out. this batch got smeared with pureed red peppers and olive oil, mixed with diced red peppers and green onions.


Gene said...

That looks so frickin' awesome.

West A Dad said...

Why have I just discovered you today? Because of BORK! Thanks to both of you.