Friday, May 30, 2008

what happened milk in the fridge

i feel like a traitor to both sides by drinking soymilk at home, but the choice made itself.

sure, i believe in the sheer enjoyment and judicious use of cheese and sour cream and butter... but i am not served by the lack of freshness of cow's milk five days after first opening and properly storing in the refrigerator... and i pretty much only use milk on cereal.

and then the fiscal conservatism: the last time i compared prices at hy-vee, both the quarts of milk or silk (the best soymilk) are between 1.90 and 2.00. i can also get the same size of a perfectly decent (and extremely shelf-stable, so i have one on hand at all times), aseptically-packaged house brand organic soymilk from hy-vee for 1.49 each-- unfortunately not 1.25 as they were the first time i wrote about them.

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