Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more shadowbrook braising greens

aren't they pretty? i love young greens. i used to buy them at a whole foods for a while, but they weren't regularly stocked. (i have a guess reported sales looked terrible-- because they kept getting rung in as salad greens. i haven't kept the receipts that bolster the strength of that theory, however.)

the line at shawdowbrook's stand was long this weekend, and very worth it. i think most people were there for the asparagus, which i also bought, of course. but these are why i stood in line.

young greens are perfect for braising, and cook much faster than the more mature leaves. and the nutritional content is in direct relation to how much they ebb in size after cooking! in other words: a pound of greens fills a regular transparent produce bag, but works itself down to a cup or two of volume.

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