Sunday, May 25, 2008

purple people eater chicken, potatoes

first i got the dressing: lemon tarragon, still on sale at ideal.

then (yesterday only, sorry) they had local huge and purple asparagus for 1.99#. then i went to hy-vee and my favorite cut of chicken-- boneless but not skinless

thighs-- was marked down, and since it worked with my dinner plans, i bought it. add one onion and a 1.5 lb bag of dutch yellow potatoes, and you get this delicious and simple dutch oven full of dinner.

i marinated the chicken in the dressing for an hour, in the dutch oven i'd later bake it in. then i grilled it just enough to make it pretty. meanwhile, into the dutch oven i threw one chopped onion, one bag of the dutch yellow potatoes (washed but not peeled) (these cost as much as the rest of the ingredients combined, so feel free to substitute quartered red potatoes), and one pound of the velociraptorial asparagus snapped into chunks. i tossed all that with some more dressing and some white wine, placed the browned chicken on top, and baked, covered, at 350 for half an hour.

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Sarah said...

Sounds really good!