Sunday, May 11, 2008

hello, farmers' market season

as of next weekend, all the farmers' markets that i know of in town are at their

regular summer schedules. both haymarket and piedmont on saturdays, just old cheney (at 56th) on sundays, and then havelock on wednesday nights--i haven't tried that one yet.

the bad thing about the early part of the farmers' market season is the cool weather. oh wait-- that's the best part. what's the worst part again? no good fresh produce yet, just stuff in jars-- and all the starters i would need to grow fresh produce myself?

well, it's not that either, i guess; going from my morning at old cheney. look at these beautiful chives from bluestem herb farms. and shadowbrook farms has the sense to offer excellent vegetables that you want to buy and cook, even if they're not traditional vegetables for summer-- i chose the braising greens and sunflower sprouts; but they had other interesting options, such as baby turnips still on the green-- the size of radishes.

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