Thursday, May 22, 2008

shrimp, andouille and young greens

i got the greens and egg noodles at the farmers' market, the shrimp

from midwest seafood, and the correctly-spelled andouille from ideal.

i browned the sausage with a chopped onion and some ginger mandarin dressing until it was safe-- and smelled too good. then i added the young greens, and after a few minutes, the shrimp. (after making sure the sausage was well enough done, my next concern was not over-cooking the shrimp. the shrimp were so large that i had to slice them up to make them fit on a fork. after deveining, of course.)

i tossed the egg noodles, which i had boiled while tending this pan, into the pan before serving. the noodles had broken up more than i'd expected while boiling, so this seemed like the most attractive presentation.

the shrimp, always good from midwest, was fantastic with the spicy sausage. the greens, noodles and dressing were a very respectable backup.

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