Wednesday, March 5, 2008

sale ad review: chains, 3/5-3/11

my picks from the ads look light this week. remember to browse the print ads (or on-line ads! links to right!) yourself if you like certain convenience foods. when in the store, always glance for exceptional produce and non-advertised clearance.

sunmart has the following tomatoes for $1.50#: hothouse, on-the-vine, and roma. one of these things costs less than the others. this is expensive for romas and reasonably cheap for the first two.

russ' has asparagus for 1.78#. also, if you like canned vegetables, they have organic canned vegetables for 79c a can. i pretty much hate all canned vegetables except for corn, but you might have a similar familiar at that price.

hy-vee wins the chain ad review. store-brand chicken or beef broth for 44c a can, 1.50/bag salad mix (variety of iceberg and romaine blends only), and $1.25 organic soymilk. that's 32oz of organic soymilk... that's cheap. also, $2 for ten stems of daffodils. not blooming yet, but maybe by the weekend?

all of these sales good through tuesday, 3/11/2008.

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