Sunday, March 9, 2008

baking bacon? bacon baking.

bacon. oven. degrees. baking.
those were the search words, here's the

skinny (if you want to try the search yourself, i suggest blocking the word "kevin"):

to bake bacon in the oven, first preheat the oven to 375 degrees. you need an oven safe pan or cookie sheet--on top of that, place a baking rack. (alternatively, use an oven safe grill pan, like i did.) if you want to use the bacon grease this process will produce, place the bacon directly on the rack (or grill pan)-- if not, place parchment paper on the grill, then a layer of bacon.
bake for fifteen minutes, then check and see if it's done enough for you... people are particular about their bacon, so you'll need to figure out how your preferences work with your oven. but twenty minutes is a safe outside bet on cooking time.

cool the bacon outside the oven and outside the pan, unless you want it to continue cooking.
this is a much tidier and more predictable process than stovetop frying of bacon. you don't even have to flip the meat.

bacon buying hint: it might be slightly more economical in a big package-- but unless you really want to go through that much bacon-- buy a small amount from the butcher once or twice a week, depending on your intake.

the big photo is a bacon, pear, and blue cheese sandwich with spring greens, with greens and pecans on the side. bacon likes blue cheese.


kay said...

That sandwich sounds ridiculously awesome. A BPB sandwich, if you will ;) Keep 'em comin!

Gene said...

I had never considered buying bacon from the counter before. Thanks. Often bacon sounds good, but not $3-5 dollars worth of bacon.

Beerorkid said...

I love how baked bacon comes out even. When testing a new bacon I will often bake some to make sure it comes out good.

Beerorkid said...

best bacon in town that I have found is the applewood smoked bacon at Ideal. It is simply amazing. Until farmers markets start back up it is all I will use.