Sunday, March 16, 2008

legacy dairy root beer milk

from legacy, or, the angels of hallam (a happy st patrick's day irish musical reference!).

if you've seen this milk at grocery stores in town and been tempted, i must suggest that you try it.
if you haven't seen it, look for the nice glass bottles in the dairy case.


jeff said...

I live in the southeastern US. Any chance you bought this in the area of the country? If so, which grocery did you find it in? A friend and I review different root beer products on our site

I would really like to try that out.

Jeff said...

Where exactly did you pick up this unique root beer drink? A friend and I review root beer products and would like to get our hands on some of that.

lynda LNKitchen said...

hey there...if you click on "legacy" in the post, it will take you to their website. the address is:
they are located in hallam, nebraska.

foxspit said...

I love rootbeer floats, so I ran out and bought some of this bottled deliciousness this weekend. Wow! Thanks for the tip, it was awesome.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons it's so good is because they use whole milk. My arteries can't afford to drink much of that, so this will be a rare treat in our house.

kay said...

Where you been?!?! I know food prices have gone through the roof, but I'm sure you've found the deals for us to seek out. Come back!