Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the macaroni defense

such a thing exists, yet has no wikipedia page? who in the what now?

anyway, back to the elbow pasta.
you know the whole idea about matching type of noodle to type of sauce. thin sauces get thin noodles, sauces with chunky vegetables or meats get chunky noodles. but how often do you see macaroni, outside of the cold deli case, even when it's the perfect size for the dish?

macaroni, a fine and practical noodle, is drastically underused outside (and maybe because) of mac-and-cheese. easy to drain, and with a great design of two layers of texture in every bite, it should be freed from its traditional at-home presentation and enjoyed as it could be.

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two pieces of uncooked macaroni said...

bout time we got props