Sunday, March 16, 2008

take-out review: the cup

first off: the name. 'the' is a word in both french and english.
in french,

it means tea. (the tea selection here is better than anywhere else in town.) so, the phonetic way to spell the name, english-wise, is 'take up.'

and now, back to the food:
the cup is in the old soda bottling plant building over by lincoln high. they have what looks like a fabulous kitchen, and they do their own baking. i can attest that their baked goods are excellent, and that's confirmed by those near and dear to me who like the baked goods more than i do.

their take-out salads, soups, and sandwiches have an enticing blend of components. it's not so fusion as to confound the palate. it's a soft and loose rule, but, generally speaking: anything beyond seven ingredients and five flavors is a waste of all the work and cost that went into a dish. the cup has an imaginative menu, but it's no pipe dream. the flavors they're trying to attain are fully realized.

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