Sunday, April 27, 2008

speaking of ovens and double duty

the return of warm weather brings about a change in my oven usage.

(once again, it makes sense to buy a rotisserie chicken for five dollars rather than baking one myself.)

i don't use the oven earlier in the day for long periods or high temperatures; and if i'm going to turn it on at all, i try to make the most out of it by baking two things-- preferably at the same time, consecutively if need be.

here i'm baking a squash that was too small to resist, and then a favorite (and messy) snack: roast beef-wrapped baked asparagus. i'll post about that dish soon, it's worth it.


Miss(Fire) said...

do you have a grill?
one of my favorite things to do is grill a whole butterflied chicken. it takes between 40-60 minutes if your grill is at 400 degrees. we made one last night and it was fantastic, with a simple rub of olive oil, garlic, a squeeze of mustard and some bottled lemon juice. yum!

Miss(Fire) said...

do you have a grill? i like to make whole butterflied chickens on the grill... about 40-60 minutes when the grill is at 400 degrees. YUM!

foxspit said...

I look forward to the post on the wrapped asparagus. Looks simple and tasty.

*miss(fire): I'd love to see how you do the butterflied chicken. It sounds great!