Saturday, April 26, 2008

i double lucky heart my grill pan

not only can i grill burgers and portobello mushrooms up nicely, i can use the same pan to melt the cheese in the oven, and keep everything warm until ready to serve.
throw the buns in there too! i did after i took the picture.


Gene said...

Something I can use on a flat top electric range, right? What brand is yours?

lynda LNKitchen said...

it's a cuisinart 12" non-stick grill pan. oven-safe up t0 500 degrees, i originally bought it to bake bacon, and have since started using it for about everything but boiling noodles. it cleans very easily, too.
i picked this up for $25 at dillard's during one of their crazy winter clearance sales.

Gene said...

Ooh la la, I love me some cuisinart cookware. Thanks!