Saturday, April 26, 2008

favorite salad bar in town

it's hy-vee, without a doubt. not only is it 3.99#, it always looks fresh and clean and happens to have many of my favorite salad parts. here's my regular tour:
the spring mix is the best lettuce deal. it's silly to pay this much a pound for hard-boiled eggs, but i grab a couple of yolk-dominant slices because i love them. red peppers, not green peppers; pieces of broccoli small enough to chew politely, and the mushrooms are nice and light in weight and therefore cheap. the roast beef strips are what sets this salad bar apart. and from the fruit and pastry section, i add a couple chunks of pineapple for dessert.

the salad travels home with more structural integrity, and more cheaply, if i add the dressing at home. (where i like the selection better anyway.) the salad above was just over half a pound, so it was $2.19.

i get a couple more uses out of the container, either for another salad or packing a lunch that doesn't have to go in the microwave.

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