Saturday, April 26, 2008

mango-breaded sirloin

i'd picked up a mango on sale at ideal that was underripe (they were two for a dollar last week), and so i put it in a brown

paper bag to mature, and then left it in that brown paper bag a day or two too long. which begged the question: what was i going to do with a mushy mango?

the sticky texture of the ripe mango suggested using it to make breading adhere to meat, instead of using egg. i bought a tiny piece of sirloin steak from cetak's and cut it into one-inch-square cubes. i dredged the cubes through a bowl of mashed, very ripened mango, and then through peppered cornmeal. i grilled them over high heat just to sear the outside. (i feel pretty safe about eating the meat from cetak's on the rare side.)

the grilled, mashed mango's texture and flavor were both surprisingly collegial in their contexts. i'm going to try this mango preparation with a bigger piece of beef soon, with white bread crumbs instead of cornmeal. i'd like to try mango with cornmeal again, but for breading and frying fish instead.

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