Saturday, April 12, 2008

coupon in the ground zero for the oven

another buy one entree, get one entree coupon for the oven in the print version of the ground zero, in the journal star yesterday.

(the ljs should put these weekly entertainment inserts out for free at newspaper stands around town. a day after they show up in the print version of the daily physical delivery of the newspaper, of course, to reward the daily subscriber [because you don't want to poke any holes in that life raft]. having that "weekly" available around town, even just for the coupons-- coupons like the one i'm writing about, which exists only in paper and ink, and to which i can't link... and the coupon does have certain restrictions, of course; it's for dining in the restaurant and for dinner, and neither fridays nor saturdays-- well, you can see how it might be nice to grab this ink downtown, and decide to go to dinner at the oven right then, on that weekday night.)

and this is one of the leftover lunch plates from the last time the same coupon showed up in the ground zero. shallow pasta bowls are excellent flatware for leftovers of the shown consistency.

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Sulis said...

Interesting to know.