Sunday, April 20, 2008

i heart my grill pan, redux

even with the best roasting recipe, you want to brown or sear the meat first.

this seals in flavor and makes the meat much more attractive on the plate. a baked pork chop, not browned at first, looks awful and clammy when served, no matter how perfectly done.

the grill pan, once again, comes in handy. warmed to a high-medium heat (curse you, electric ovens!) and needing only a few minutes and little attention, you can prepare a pork chop for baking in the moist environment of a covered dish--without sacrificing the eye-feel of the meat.

i par-grilled these chops from cetak's-- then baked on top of a can of white beans, and half a pound of asparagus spears snapped into one inch pieces, tossed with around a tablespoon annie's sesame shiitake dressing. after half an hour at 350, put on a plate with some rice for a cozy meal.

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foxspit said...

That sounds awesome! Let's see the grill pan.