Saturday, February 16, 2008

you will be happy with a rice cooker

rice cookers are lovely things. even if you have your pan and stove routine

down to an exact dance, you'll be happy with one.

for one thing, it frees up a burner. for another, it's one less thing that can go wrong when making dinner, since it knows when it's done and shuts itself off. you can use them for brown rice as well as other whole grains.
if you're rinsing the rice, you can do that right in the removable pan. one cup of rice goes in the pan, and then enough water to rinse it. use the lid as a strainer and dump out the water. then add the correct amount of water (the same ratio you would use on the stovetop-- in this case, two cups) and place in the cooker.
they're as cheap as 9.99 at walgreen's.

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