Tuesday, February 12, 2008

looking for saffron, sweetie darling

my search for saffron yesterday started at the 70th & pioneers hy-vee.

i couldn't find any and neither could the nice man who helped me look.
my next stop was leon's. i knew they would have it and they did: a gram from

spice island for $17. ouch!
i called open harvest from inside the store. the person who answered checked their prices and quoted ten bucks for a gram of saffron, or $7 for half as much.

i headed to the co-op, not sure if i was going to splurge. but then i found this brand of saffron, called safinter, in the baking section at open harvest... for 2.99 for a half-gram. i included the photo to prove it's true.

the middle picture shows more clearly how many threads you get. and the top picture is the threads soaking in white wine, which you want to do before adding to your recipe. i'll show the dish i made, but learn more about saffron while you wait:

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