Friday, February 22, 2008

my advice about "manager's special" meat

at the bigger grocery stores, you'll find marked down prices in the meat section. this is because the meat is very close to its sell-by date. i would understand your hesitation to buy these items-- because that means more for me!-- but here's some guidelines i've found useful.

first: will i make it tonight?
second: really?

third: am i generally happy with the meat i've bought here recently? (if you don't have enough information to answer, the answer is no.)

i tend to stay away from "markdown" poultry, but i don't go much for poultry in the first place. if you want to try it out, i would add another round of "really?" above, maybe in caps and with an added exclamation point. i would also have a backup meal plan in mind.

there's usually an added tag or sticker on the front of the package, as shown here on the deal from hy-vee. look for that to find the items in question, but be aware that some stores put the house sale sticker on anything marked down, even advertised sale items. (i have seen this vary from location to location in chain stores.) in which case, you might find this sticker on very fresh meat... so don't be scared that it's old, if you were going to buy it anyway.

one last caveat: it's always a good idea to check the date. anywhere in the grocery store.

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