Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sale ad review: chains, 2/20-2/26

first, i have to point out a sale that's on at hy-vee only tomorrow, thursday, 2/21. red peppers 79c ea, 8oz house brand shredded cheese 3/$5. also, my fave can food (aka favorite canned food): spaghettios for 39c a can!

all tolled and told, my picks from the chains:
russ'. rotella bread 79c, half gal of meadow gold oj 1.50.
sunmart. if you buy two bags of dole salad mix, which runs you $5.50, you get the following for free: one less-than-pint of cherry tomatoes, one cucumber, one bag shredded carrots, one house brand 16oz salad dressing. if you will consume all that while it's still good, and enjoy it, it's a nice deal.
hy-vee all week. mangos 99ea, amy's burritos 4/$9, avocados 1.50

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