Saturday, February 2, 2008

hallelujah, dim sum

in your face, omaha! lincoln, nebraska now has dim sum.

peking palace, at 8341 O st (that would be the SW corner of 84th & O st) has dim sum now. only mid-day (of course) and on weekends (okay...).

i read about this in the journal star's ground zero yesterday, and was there today, to try out my two standard favorites of a dim sum menu, one morsel of each in the picture here.
the bbq pork bun... pretty to look at, light on the meat.
the lotus leaf-wrapped rice... smaller than i'm used to, but heavy on decent meat.

learn more about dim sum and my selections thereof:


Karin Dalziel said...

Hoo-ray! My husband and I will be trying it out tomorrow...

MaGGiE's said...

i love peking palace!
i have not yet had a chance to try the dim sum (LOVE) but there hot pots are fantastic! and the sushi is quite tasty as well!
i think i will be trying the dim sum sunday.........