Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy easter! (planning ahead.)

did you know "lupercalia" is latin for "february 15th is a good day to buy expensive chocolate"?

well, of course that's not true. but tomorrow is a good day to find candy on sale, at grocery stores as well as candy shops and department stores.
if you look for pastel-colored valentine packaging, you could give fancy chocolates away for easter (march 23rd this year--early!) without breaking the bank. gold or silver packaging would work, too.

i bought these chocolates right after christmas, after looking for red packaging for valentine's day gifts. it's a brand i was familiar with, though i wasn't expecting to find it at hy-vee. especially for one dollar per box of six truffles.


MaGGiE's said...

what sf chocolatier is it?

MaGGiE's said...

open harvest has a lovely dark chocolate with chilis and cherries on sale for $1.79
also green and black chocolate is on sale for $2.29- the maya gold- with the orange and spices and the 70% dark with hazelnuts and currents...oooo-la-la

lynda LNKitchen said...

i answered maggie already, but should post this here. the chocolates were from joseph schmidt, which, after a history of independent chocolatiership, was bought out by hershey. another san francisco chocolatier, ghirardelli, is also no longer self-owned. guittard, also from sf, is still self-owned.