Friday, February 22, 2008

stuff on sale inside of fresh tortillas

i made a sort of pie crust out of the tortillas from marlene's, and some of the

produce (and meat and dairy) i've purchased recently went into the stuffing.

first, a layer of tortillas into a pyrex-sort of pie pan. i arranged mine out of five overlapping pieces.

there were two layers of stuffing. the first layer (lower picture) consisted of the following sautee: one julienned onion, one cubed mango, one cubed red pepper, and one diced jalapeno--added, in that order, to some olive oil over heat as high as i could get it without burning everything. then i added the steak round discussed earlier, cut into even smaller strips. once close to done, ladled this into tortilla pie shell, reserving one scoop.

(another layer of tortillas)

the second layer of stuffing was shredded mozzarella with chili flakes all around.

(another layer of tortillas)

i sliced into the top layer of tortillas just inside the circle's outside edge, and sprinkled shredded cheese along the same arcs. i also sliced an x into the top layer's center and topped that with more shredded cheese and then the reserved steak mixture.
i baked this at 350 for about 15 minutes... it's all safe to eat upon entering the oven, so was ready to go when the cheese looked tasty.

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millhouse said...

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