Sunday, February 24, 2008

closing sale at kitchen store

i saw the "store closing" sign for urban villa, on south 48th in college view,

when getting coffee at the mill on prescott. i went over to check it out. all food items are 25% off, all non-food 40% off.
i'd wanted one of these tiny graters, for no good reason that comes to mind-- but isn't it worth a dollar? the headphones are in the picture for scale. do not use this grater on your headphones. (earbuds, whatever.) i'm thinking it would be useful for nutmeg.

and then, an escargot plate. original price of 6.95. i'm intending this to be a reasonably-sized deviled-egg serving dish, but i fear it's a slippery (slimy?) slope until you see a post about snails.

anyway. it is sad to see a local proprietor close up shop. having said that, they could probably use your money right now, and you might find a deal on something you want.

while you're in college view, hit up the salad bar or bakery at union college... and there's always conroy's (for the smell of baking cookies alone), and the mill (for coffee while you shop), on prescott just off 48th.

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