Friday, February 29, 2008

baked tofu with shiitake, peas, leeks

some days a produce dept. plays out perfectly for you... like open harvest

did yesterday, when i found the following to go along with the 30% baked tofu from the same store.

leeks by the pound. usually sold by the bunch, which is sometimes (or always) more than enough, i'm more likely to enjoy leeks when i don't have to use five in one dish. of course i only needed one leek and still bought two.

fresh shiitake mushrooms for 12.99#. these look great every time i've seen them in stock recently at open harvest, and that's a great price. they're very lightweight... you can experiment for a dollar or two.

organic snap peas. delicious, a fair price, and a little bit of welcome spring.

i already had a jalapeno, sesame oil, and rice at home.


Heidi K. said...

I have some leeks in the fridge and was planning to make soup - how did you prepare yours for the stir fry?

lynda LNKitchen said...

well, i finally figured out inserting links into my text (boy, was i making that harder than it was) so if you click on leeks in the text, you'll see!