Tuesday, November 27, 2007

smiley faces, even for some crazy vegan kids. and their offspring.

again, more popular with the adults than the kids, but i was one of those adults.
i finally got to use one of those loaves of cocktail bread from a chicago company called rubschlager, which happened to be on sale at hy-vee this week... and i chose the pumpernickel for this snack.
take your largest cookie sheet and layer the bottom with pieces of untoasted cocktail bread. spread each one lightly with hummus-- this is just to get the cucumber to stick, so use a light touch.
you need one cucumber (cut into at least as many coins as the number of pieces of cocktail bread). cut this up now, and toss into a bowl of salted water (to dry the cucumber a little) while you cut up two sticks of celery. one stick as the traditional c-shape. the other stick sliced from top to bottom before using the same slice as on the first stick, producing two eyebrows for every smile... again, you need at least as many as it takes to top each slice of bread. decide thickness of slice accordingly.
drain cucumber, affix coin to hummus-spread bread. add another thin layer of hummus atop the cucumber. use two small chunks and one c-shape of celery to make a smiley face on each bread-and-cucumber slice.

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