Friday, November 9, 2007

broccoli balsamic with hazelnuts

bags of julienned broccoli stalks are in most of the bigger produce sections in town, labeled broccoli slaw. just because it's marketed as cole slaw doesn't mean you need to use it as such. this is just one idea for a quick side dish.
(it's the season for cheaper whole nuts in the produce section, too. have fun [carefully!] cracking the nutshells by giving each one a quick whack of a hammer while still in the plastic bag. as long you don't really smash them hard, the nutmeats are easy to remove from the shells. )

chop and toast a couple dozen hazelnuts in a skillet that has a lid...but don't use the lid yet. add a tablespoon of balsamic salad dressing and about as much water, and then add a bag of broccoli stalks. keep over low heat five minutes, stir occasionally. then add more water and cover to steam another five minutes.

i put some chunks of sheep's milk cheese on the top after taking this off the heat, and re-cover for a couple minutes to soften but not completely melt the cheese.

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